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Songs and Words

always the last to know

songs and words :: always the last to know
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fiction announcement
Songs and Words is a place for bandom writers to announce new, complete stories. (Based on shinyandnew, a popslash community serving the same purpose.)

The How
Please do not post the stories within the community itself. Writers should post a link to new stories that are posted in their entirety elsewhere. This is not a recs community, so only the author of a story may link his/her own fiction. Formatting should be kept simple: title, author, pairing(s) if applicable, etc. Please leave out changes in font and color because, let's be honest, that stuff isn't actually as awesome as one might think.

The Dos
Feel free to post completed stories (1000 words or longer), completed sequels in a series, and/or challenge pages once entries have gone live.

The Don'ts
Please do not post incomplete stories (including new chapters for a work in progress for the sake of community volume), ficlets, general site promo, challenge announcements, or any updates for non-story sites and pages (video, recs, interviews, photos, etc). This is a notification community for complete fiction only.

The maintainer(s) reserve the authority to delete any post that doesn't follow the guidelines. Any questions and/or comments should be thrown at gigantic @ livejournal.com.